Meditation Beginnings

To prepare for my next adventure, I’ve felt the need to get centered and focused. During my last journey I felt very disconnected to everything (including my Self) so it was a bit like being a leaf in the wind and definitely disorienting. At the worst of times I was downright depressed, but as I got used to traveling and when I made good friends I felt more secure and content. Even so, there was always at least a hint of agitation and insecurity lurking around the periphery of my mind. I definitely don’t want to feel like that on this next trip – and I imagine that I’ll benefit from a stronger mind everyday of my life and not just when I’m on the road.

The best way that I can think of to get my mind centered, clear, focused, strong, and supple is to do meditation. I’ve practiced meditation before so I’m not starting fresh, but let me tell you, coming back to the simplest sitting position and steadying my mind is a challenge!

Up until a few weeks back, the last time I had an ongoing meditation practice was before I left for Australia and even then it wasn’t strong. There are so many types/variations/schools of meditation, and I’ve tried more than a few. Now that I’ve picked it up again, I’m determined not only to sit in meditation, but also to incorporate it fully into my yoga practice. When I first started practicing yoga over a decade ago, I was young and I didn’t use it to focus and center; rather, it was a physical exercise that happened to be quite calming. Now, however, I’m focused on practicing yoga in its true form as a moving meditation.

The new meditation I’m trying, however, has provided me with a great deal of relief! I’ve been doing a meditation wherein I imagine that with each inhalation I’m bringing a glowing light into my body and with every exhalation the light spreads through my body and mind. The light is brighter, spreads further and is moves deeper with each breath. I have been doing this simple meditation whenever  and wherever I can. I practice when I first wake up, while I’m driving, if there’s a lull at work, randomly throughout the day, before I go to bed, and when I do yoga, and (of course) when I sit for meditation! I’ve been sleeping on a lumpy mattress, so when I’m stretching in the morning and I have a tight muscle I breath the glowing light directly into the pain. This lead me to do the same with my mind. When I feel anxious or unhappy I breathe light into my mind. It’s amazing how fast it sooths my discomfort.

I can now report that my energetic and physical bodies are feeling healthier, lighter, and stronger. My attitude is becoming more positive, I’ve been having nicer dreams and more restful sleep, I’ve been experiencing more moments of serendipity and luck, I’ve had a seriously psychic moment with my mom, people have entered my life to tell me that I’m on the right path, and best of all I’m happier a lot more of the time and it gives me something to do when I’m alone! And this is only the beginning! I have high hopes that I will continue to reap additional benefits from my meditation practice.

To keep my practice growing, after reading Troupe’s paper on creating world travel and answering his questions last night, I decided to try his visualization meditation this afternoon. The premise is simple. Bring to mind the dream you want to make a reality. Focus on an image of you actualizing your dream.

This afternoon, when I got home from work I sat. I took a couple of breaths just to prepare. When I was ready, I slowly breathed in the light. I paused. As I breathed out, the light spread through my body and mind. I relaxed. My muscles let go of tension. I continued to take light-filled breaths until I feel centered. At that point I began my visualization.

I breathed in. I saw myself happy. I saw a huge smile on my face. I was in an airplane, saying to myself, “I’m so grateful to be completely prepared inside and out for the expedition I am embarking upon today! I’m so happy that I’ve made it happen! I’m leaving with more money than I expected. I have a plan of what I’m doing. I have exciting things to do and wonderful people to see immediately! My mind feels clear and calm, my heart feels full, and my body is healthy. I have everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

I basked in the light created by my breath and my vision. I took a few more light-infused breaths, and without directing my mind, I saw a fleeting, yet vibrant rainbow such as one made by a crystal catching the sun. To me, that was a good sign. I ended my session with a few silent “Om” chants and an equally silent “thank you” to the universe for sending me positivity and light.

I finished my meditation feeling happy, relaxed, and clear. The visualization element felt successful and I think I will add it to my meditation practice again. I’ll also try Troupe’s second step of mentally going over the list of things I can do to reach the goal.

I’ll keep track of the progress I make with my meditations and keep you posted.

Much Love,



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