Dreams in Action

I’ve been continuing my meditation practice. I’ve noticed that when I sit I am able to enter a calm, clear state with greater ease and rest in that space for longer periods of time. The greatest benefit I’ve found is that I’m relating to and engaging with the world in a more authentic way. I went to a party with Jeremy last weekend, and I really liked the way I perceived people and interacting with them. I felt really good about myself.

I also think the meditation coupled with the Troupe’s “auto-suggestion” has already started to work. Do you remember the auto-suggestion I created last time? Just to refresh your memory, I was saying something along the lines of “I am grateful that I am traveling right now. I am going to see great people and do fun things right away. I have a great plan, my mind is clear, I am totally prepared.” I can already see the dream coming true. I spoke with my friend Tiina (the Finnish girl I met and traveled with in Australia) about my travel plans:

“I’ll be going abroad probably late dec. I want to do something fun for NYE. Maybe we can meet up then? I’ll probably head to NZ after the new year.”

A few days later she responded:

“I really want to go to NZ as well. I promised to my boss that I’ll work for him 5 months. So I am going to quit end of dec. would be perfect to do something together on new years, I miss u so much! That would be so nice!!!!”

I think that shows my dream future is forming! I’m definitely going to keep doing the auto-suggestions during my meditations.


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