Feeling More Free

Update on Operation: Minimalism.

Yesterday, I put an add up on craigslist to sell my backpack. I listed it at $100 and I’ve already received a call! Hopefully I’ll have that sold over the weekend; then I’ll be halfway to my goal!

The past couple of days I’ve been separating my clothing and I’m ready to part with about a third of what I have with me in LA! It was surprisingly easy! I think that sorting through my intentions and setting goals for myself got me pumped.

I can already feel that downsizing my wardrobe is a really good exercise for me. It’s helped me do some introspection: looking at the massive pile of clothes I don’t want anymore has made me seriously consider how I spend my money and how much I cling to useless stuff.  When I have to make a choice about how to use my money, I’ve realized that experiences are so much more important to me than belongings. It just seems wasteful and pointless to spend money on these things that don’t make me particularly happy or help me grow emotionally, spiritually, or mentally in any way.

I also think when I reach the other side of this project I’ll be less selfish and more focused. I’m already feeling more free. It’s allowing me to see how unimportant possessions are in the grand scheme of things. Of course, I would be unhappy if something happened to something of value to me (like my laptop), but in the end it’s replaceable. It feels like my attachments to stuff is decreasing.

I also find it interesting that right after I start downsizing that I got a call for a job interview at Canada College. I’m not saying that because I have decided to sell all my crap that I landed an interview — it’s just an interesting coincidence that as I create more space in my life that something comes to fill it.

Now I just need to get the clothes to a shop and out of my house! I’m really excited to see how much (if any) money I can make from these things I don’t want anymore! Tomorrow…



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