I’m a better teacher now than I was two years ago. This is incredibly surprising to me. I thought that taking the time off would leave me with a fuzzy brain and an inability to reach my students.

Luckily, my assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’m completely dedicated to my classes. During my breaks on campus I come up with the best ways to fill my class. Today, I created a powerpoint to assist my students with their upcoming essay. Their first project is a memoir, and so I looked in several books around the office for tips on the genre. I found some things that I think will be helpful.

Although I’ve only just finished my second day of class, I’ve been really excited and happy to be working. I write copious notes on their reading assignments and I’m doing extra research on structuring the class. It feels good to be hitting the books and coming up with lesson plans and figuring out the best ways to help my students become strong writers.

I came back to school this quarter with the intention of doing my job to the best of my capabilities.

So far, so good.


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