Update: Operation Minimalist

When I first started this blog, one of my missions was to simplify my life by getting rid of a lot of my possessions. (Check out my post: https://driftingsoftly.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/operation-minimalist/)

Thinning out my wardrobe was a lot easier than I thought it would be. When I visited my parents a few weeks ago I had boxes upon boxes of clothes, shoes, and accessories to sort through. Seeing all of my possessions again (after living out of one backpack for over a year) was overwhelming. I honestly felt a little panicked, but I simply gave myself a goal: I would only allow myself to have one backpack and two small suitcases of things. This downsized my belongings by about 60%. In the end, it felt so good! I felt like I had unburdened myself and that I would be more clear and focused without so many possessions.

And I was able to sell a few items! I went to Crossroads in San Francisco and sold $40 worth of clothes! Compared to how much they rejected I didn’t actually sell much, but at least I made some money! For that, I’m thankful.

Just today I sold my backpack for $60! I was a little sad to say goodbye. My backpack was my one constant companion over the past year and a half. Wherever I went, it went too. People came and went during my time vagabonding, but my backpack never strayed. Through the good and bad, the trials and tribulations…ok, I’m getting overly sentimental.

I was happy, at least, that I sold it to a young woman who will be taking it on camping trips.

Now I have $100 that I can put towards the backpack of my dreams: Osprey’s Aura 50. I’m halfway!



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