Feeling a Little Sorry for Myself

I expected my Mom to read my last post and tell me that she does, in fact, read my blog. I expected her to call me or text or reply to the post — maybe she’d even be a little angry that I wrote it. But that didn’t happen. Sigh. So I’ve created a meme for her. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Sorry for Myself

  1. I know the first stat on my page is always my mom. (Sometimes the only stat…)

    But, I am totally saving your meme for the first time she doesn’t show up/comment or repost my writing.

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Since I live in China (with the Foreign Service) and she back in the States, sometimes the blog is the easiest way for her to keep track of what is going on here. With a 15 hour time difference, we are not always about to touch base via phone/Skype.

        But, the meme is in reserve!

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