Playa Norte

  After Punta Sur, Jackie and I made the five-mile drive up Rueda Medina to the north end of Isla Mujeres. Despite the weather, we wanted to see the acclaimed beach, aptly named Playa Norte. 

The sea and the sky were dulled grey by the clouds, but the scenery was beautiful all the same.

There was static in the air. Jackie noticed our hair was sticking up!

It wasn’t raining, but lightening flashed intermittently in the distance; still, I just had to put my feet in the water…and even walk out a bit into the sea!

Here I am, laughing at my idiocy.

“I’m so daring!” I told Jackie.

 “Oh! Me too! I’m gonna climb that lifeguard tower!”

 When it started to rain, we had a soda at a nearby restaurant.

 It was here that we met an adorable beggar. We wished we were ordering food so we could give him scraps, but we were still full from our lunch at The Joint.



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