I began this blog for my mother and it was a mish-mash of my daily life. Quickly, however, I realized she wasn’t reading it — so I changed the name and shifted direction. Now I am continuing writing in this space for all things travel: basics and tips; reviews; and profiles of the places I go, people I meet, and the art and performances I see. I enjoy weaving historical or cultural significance into my work and I use credible sources, but I’m not an expert in either of these fields; so I encourage others to contribute  knowledge, sources, or information in the comments.

Drifting Softly describes my ideal state during travel: causal journeying; moving at a pace that I can enjoy the scenes unfolding around me; when, for better or worse, I can experience every moment with ease and grace. In all the movement and change that characterizes travel, I am happiest when I am drifting softly.

I have reached my utmost goal when a reader has gleaned something from my writing – whether they are inspired, motivated, educated, entertained, or find my prose even remotely poetic.

A stream in the Blue Mountains, Australia

A stream in the Blue Mountains, Australia

When I’m not adventuring, I’m juicing and cooking with the pulp. Check out my Juice and Juice Pulp blog by clicking here.


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